18 Apr

Photo Enhancing Via Presets for Lightroom

  • Photo-enhancing solutions free online, courtesy of Lightroom 5
  • Transforming your photo images in a variety of ways through Lightroom 5 presets
  • Editing photos in so short a time without altering its original image

The idea of using free photo editing solutions for your pictures is quite new as far as photography goes. In the old days, when you want something special with your photos, you normally seek the aid of a photographer in order for you to improve the quality of your photos.

Today, however, that would be a waste of time. If you haven’t heard of Lightroom 5 before, then it’s about time you take stock of this photo-enhancing app for the enhancement of your photo images.


Lightroom comes in a form of presets. These presets are your applications for you to churn out effects for your photos. And you can get these presets Lightroom 5 free online. Simply put, Lightroom is making photo enhancing the easiest thing to do, aside from taking these pictures, of course.

These presets Lightroom 5 free offers the best solution there is for your photo. You can choose from its extensive array of presets that suits your individual style and taste. You can edit layers after layers in photo images without damaging its original image. And you can even transform them completely from its natural element without altering its original aura. That is how flexible these presets Lightroom 5 free on your photos.

So download these presets now and make the most out of it. Seldom can you find an app that can make specific enhancements and retain its original image. And that you enhance your photo after your own style and preference.

Stop making excuses right now. Get these presets Lightroom 5 free online. You have nothing to lose really; instead, you have everything to gain, as this will make your photo images and your image as well a thing of beauty to your viewers.

1 Mar

Photo Tricks for Urban Photography  

  • Simple tricks for urban photography
  • Timing is all with urban photography, capturing that exact moment as it happens
  • Focusing on the intersections where most of the action takes place

Urban life, as always, is so full of drama and conflict. That is the reason why it has been a perennial subject for photography ever since. Urban photography is one of the most popular types of photography because most of its subjects are closer to viewers compared to the usual still life or landscapes that photographers produce.

There are a few tricks, though, for you to become an expert in urban photography, and that most of these tips are quite easy to follow or use. You’ll just have to hone that artsy feel inside of you to be able to create pictures that contribute to that rising popularity of urban photography.


  1. Trick One – Not all photos in urban photography are taken outside. Mind you, photos inside a train station or an airport lobby are as much powerful as those taken on the streets. Let the image blur a little for a bit of an effect.
  2. Trick Two – Be patient for that right combination. Oftentimes quality urban photography is just a matter of timing. If you are patient enough of capturing that exact moment, then you can sure that you have captured that dramatic element which makes urban photography different from other genre.
  3. Trick Three – Try to focus on those intersections. This is where most of the action takes place as far as street activity goes. Friends bumping each other, two strangers colliding and even the traffic jam in front of you are ingredients of a superb urban photography.
  4. Trick Four – Consider going vertical too. It serves its own purpose as well, especially when you highlight a certain character in the crowd and going vertical with your shot accentuates that character’s importance over other subjects.
  5. Trick Five – You go low with your light. Although light plays an important role when it comes to developing photos, but with urban photography, sometimes turning your light in low-key is much more effective than increasing it. The city lights do have its purpose at times.

Urban photography is tricky and exciting at the same time. All you need to do at this is to be sensitive with its innuendos, its coming and goings, for you to be able to capture that exact mood of your urban photos.  Learn the tricks now and be an expert urban photographer.

14 Jan

Quick Adobe Lightroom 6 Review

Adobe Lightroom is among the top list of the best post processing programs in the industry today. Most professional photographers are choosing Lightroom over Photoshop or other popular tools since the program has helped them reach their client’s deadline on time. In addition, some of the greatest things that Lightroom has offered is their ability to modify images at once, create collections of Lightroom portrait presets and image organization.

LR29Lightroom was first released in June of 2006, and by then, more and more photographers were amazed with how the entire program works. Adobe has also been consistent in incorporating useful editing tools with every product or software update.

At present, Lightroom is currently in their 6th version, 6.3 to be exact. It is by far the best upgrade ever made next to Lightroom 5.

However, there were a lot of speculations about Lightroom saying that the program will totally replace Adobe Photoshop. To make it clear to everyone, Lightroom is not built to overpower Adobe Photoshop. It was built to help photographers speed up their editing process and lighten their workflow. For more than seven years of service, Lightroom has continued to be effective and useful. They already proved to the general public that they are unique and not a replacement of any programs.

After their recent product update of Lightroom 6.3 in November of 2015, users were satisfied with the updates and bug fixes made, especially in the import feature. If you can recall in Lightroom 6.2, users were angered by Adobe’s decision to remove import options.

On my personal note, Adobe Lightroom is already enough. It is the best choice for editing massive amounts of images. With Lightroom, there is no need to spend too much time sitting and waiting for longer hours to finish one editing tasks.

12 Jan

Finding the Best Preset for 2016

photographyThe internet is full of wonderful presets. It is a world littered with a lot of interesting and beautifully conceived presets that makes for superb viewing. And every year those who make these presets are given recognition for the beauty they have created out of the design and overall impact of their presets.

This early, Fanatico presets voted best in 2016. That is quite an achievement, considering that within the next 11 months, a list of quality presets can still be developed and hailed as one of the year’s best.

Thanks mainly to Lightroom, Fanatico was able to exude the kind of confidence as the preset to beat mainly because of the dynamic tools that Lightroom has. The touch of Lightroom within these presets signifies that it is only through this app that photos can have that distinctive improvement when it comes to photo enhancing.

Makes you even a fan of it, like the name they used, “Fanatico”. The effect would that you just can’t get enough of Lightroom— you keep coming back. With “Fanatico”, Lightroom was able to put the colors in place, highlight certain features that would enhance even the action that goes on in that photo.

No wonder Fanatico presets voted best in 2016 because it uses the tools of Lightroom in a way that literally generates a fanatical feel for the viewers. The interplay of its features bring with it a balanced arrangement of color and texture, which is the ideal composition of a great action camera photo.

But Lightroom is a larger than life photo enhancing solution. So expect more superb presets in the coming months, as more and more creators are developing their own collection of useable and technically creative presets for your photos.

Only Lightroom has the tools to bring out that kind of photos on a regular basis. The internet may have been littered with a lot of presets through Lightroom, but none of these presets disappoint. How much more if you can incorporate these presets into your photos?

12 Jan

A Sampling of Cool Presets from Infoparrot

Giving a full range of presets for you to use, Inforparrot’s list of free Lightroom Presets enables you to enhance your photos in a variety of ways. This is Infoparrot’s way of providing you with a lot of options for you to choose from, depending on the effect and style you wanted to pursue.pe33

  • Wedding Lightroom Presets (Vol 4) – One of the many popular presets from Infoparrot’s list is its collection of wedding Lightroom presets. It covers the package for your most important day of your life, your wedding. From the time you prepare for your dress until your honeymoon, this wedding preset volume will bring out the best of your wedding day.
  • Vintrochrome – If you dig something retro, then this is the preset for you. It even makes a painting effect on your photo, with the texture of your landscape like that from a stroke of a master painter. This preset is perfect for creating that movie feel on your photos.
  • Light Leaks Lightroom Presets – This preset emphasizes effects in lighting as if from a leak, which creates an artsy look on your photo. It comes in bundle form with 70 different light leak presets to choose from.
  • Faded Film Lightroom Presets – Photos as if taken from an old camera, incorporating that vintage look with a touch of the modern, neutral feel. This is a good preset to accentuate contrasts in your photo. This preset is compatible with Lightroom 4 and 5.
  • Fashion and Portrait Lightroom Preset – For those who are into the trendy world of fashion, this collection will bring out the It in you. So easy to use, with just one click, you can have the desire look you’ve always wanted to project online.

These are just five of the many presets you can use through Infoparrot. So easy to download and equally easy to use. You can use them through your Lightroom 4. 5 or 6, either on your Mac or on your PC.

This Infoparrot’s list of free Lightroom presets, as always, will flesh out these photo chops you might have, and it has the tools to enhance even further your photo images like that of a professional. So check out these presets on Infoparrot, and experiment it with your pictures right now.

12 Jan

Benefits Of Using Adobe Lightroom Presets That You Shouldn’t Miss

Today, in this modern age, you’re not only limited to taking more photos and saving it on your memory storage. In this era, you are required to modify your images and make sure that it looks professional, outstanding, has high-quality and well-organized. By using Adobe Lightroom, you can use some of the best Lightroom presets free on your images.

LR42But what is Lightroom and presets?

Basically, Lightroom was developed and built by Adobe System, a renowned company that produces high-quality and reliable photo editing software. On the other hand, Lightroom presets are a collection of images that contains specific effects and styles. It can be compared to filtered images on VSCO, Facebook, Instagram and other online imaging platforms.

Here are three of the reasons why you should use Adobe Lightroom for your images.

Helps You Save A LOT of Time

When using Lightroom presets free for your images, you can also help yourself save a lot of time in modifying tons of images. Moreover, you can always finish a client’s deadline in no time. Lightroom presets free can be applied to one or more images at once, which makes your editing process short and easy.

Very Easy To Use

Learning how to manipulate a certain software is hard and complicated. But in Lightroom, everything is simple and convenient. However, you need to explore the entire feature before you can actually master everything.

Consistent Speed and Performance

When you’re editing loads of images, using Lightroom is the best decision. Why? Because it’ll give you the same results as the whole interface has a consistent speed and performance.  One good example is using the same Lightroom presets free all over again to your images. It will still give you a beautiful image result.

11 Jan

How to Install and Use Adobe Photoshop Actions?

eeeAdobe Photoshop actions are one of the most flexible and useful software for both amateur and professional photographers to enhance their image workload. The program has the capacity to help you speed up the whole editing process by using unique and good quality actions. In this short article, we will give you two different methods on how to install Photoshop actions.

Essentially, installing Adobe Photoshop actions is just a quick and easy process. However, there are two ways to install the actions on your images.

Step number 1

This method is very simple yet complicated. You have to be familiar about the controls and shortcuts of the program before you can modify and install the actions in less than a minute.  You have to:

  • Open your downloaded actions from the desktop and navigate to the actions file located in the upper left of the interface.
  • Double-click the .atn file that appears and then open it in Adobe Photoshop.
  • After uploading it to the interface, make sure to go to the actions panel and check if the downloaded actions are now ready to use.

Step Number 2

This second method is more challenging yet can edit an image in less than a minute. If step number 1 will not work, you can always use the second step to install Photoshop actions.

6 Jan

Photos, Presets and Photographers

If you are a photographer who has a thing for landscapes, if you dig photos about the great outdoors, or you simply want to take a shot at those beautiful places you’ve been to, you should try Sleeklens list of free presets for photographers.

Sleeklens gives you a variety of presets for you to use for your landscapes and outdoor pictures. These presets, moreover, over a hundred of them in bundles, enhances your viewing pleasure as if you are a part of the scene.


We travel, we go to places, including the unchartered ones, or go back to those we missed and taking it along with us are our cameras so we can capture every moment of our activity. That is what makes landscape pictures so interesting because we are once been a part of that beautiful scene, which is preserved for posterity through these pictures.

But when these same photos are attached with Sleeklens, it gives a new perspective. This Sleeklens list of free presets for photographers, this will bring back specific memories because it is capable of conjuring specific emotions of a particular event.

Or, if you want a more concentrated enhancement, it has its brushes too for those details that need detailed rehashing, so you can maximize the potential of your photo in relation to its effect on your customers.

As a photographer, your utmost desire is to create a sense of importance to your customers the way you develop and present your photos. But with Sleeklens, you need not worry about it. It has an array of tools that can work on your photo without altering the inherent features of your photo images.

You can even create a painting feel of your photos with its long list of presets. So convenient that you can store them in modules or documents and present them in album form, just a novel way of managing such photos.

It makes things easy for you as a photographer. At times, though, all you need to do is find that perfect position, that right angle, the exact spot, and that Sleeklens will take care of the rest.

Download this list of free presets now so you can highlight it to your clients and convince them that you have the tools to realize what they have in mind as far as their photo landscapes are concerned.

Chances are, you will find it a joy and challenge to be able to convince your customers that enhancing their outdoor photos is something you enjoy doing, of course, with the help of Sleeklens.